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Smart log in system for office visitors

The Tablog system helps offices and companies to speed up and digitise the entry process. It's a GDPR compliant, 21th century solution.

In addition, the system is suitable for employee entry, parking management and invitations for events and conferences.

TabLog has 5 main parts

1. Registration Application

The visitor enters his data through a tablet placed on the reception desk and accepts the presented statements

On the tablet in front of the receptionist she can see the list of the visitors already registered, can add the entry card number and print a badge

2. Controll app for the Receptionist

3. Notification App

Hosts and department administrators receive an automatic notification on arriving guests real time

The company can manage the requested data, necessary forms and the whole journey through a web-based admin system

4. Content Management System

5. Database

Data is stored on an external audited server – however an in house solution is an option too



Registration Application

  • Language selection
  • Fully customizable
  • Badge printing
  • Video chat
  • Statements and policies
  • QR code based check in
  • Colleague's name check

Controll app for the Receptionist

  • Tenant access authorization
  • Tracking guest status
  • Reject guests entry

Admin Panel

  • Downloadable statistics
  • Pre-registration of guests
  • Parking management

Notification App

  • Notification upon guests' arrival
  • Support in every working day

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